An index is the stocks portfolio of a particular market or sector. The value of an index is usually

described in terms of a number of points. Each index is calculated in a very different way. This

means that the changing value of an index from one day to the next reflects the fluctuating values

of the individual stocks that it is made up of.


Indices News

To trade indices, traders can go long on a particular index if they believe that stocks in that market are likely to increase

overall in the future, or go short on an index if they predict that the index is likely to drop in value. Before trading is

better to be a well-informed trader by reading and analyzing all Index news.




Different indices can have a

particular focus on certain types

of stocks or market sectors.





Understanding the stocks that

make up an index can be an

effective way of analyzing an



Monitoring indexes and noting

their movements over time can

help inform traders about

investors’ attitudes towards a

range of companies and market






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